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sun devil auto twice misdiagnoised my truck both times costing me.1st time said codes indicated needed transmission rebuilt ended up needed battery replaced.

2nd said codes indicated bad coil replaced that drove to California truck broke down needed spark plugs not coil. The manager rude and arrogant and i know he is ripping off other people with his diagnoistic codes.

Dodge couldn't find codes that they were using on the transmission and also stated bad coil would not caused the lack of acceration, that it was apparent the plugs needed to be replaced.Not right to do that and should be stopped

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First, *** happens.Repairs cost money and time to perform.

I understand that I have had high doller repairs and they are some times needed because I drive an older vehical. It hurts based on my income and other factors. However, all repairs performed by Sun Devil have been spot on and the problem fixed. I only wish the cost was zero.

However i am sure my customers feel the same way when they hire me. Great job Sun Devil and keep up the good work and service.

Also I have been treated with the greatest respect and courtesy.And they have gone up and beyond to help me.


To the *** who would even use rape as an adjective here..think about this..

EVERY Sun Devil Service Advisor is salarie, NOT comissioned. EVERY dealership Service Advisor is.. what motive does that give us to "rape" you?

Because it gives me absolutely zero.I offer a service, I personally pride myself on such.


To the first post, I can't comment on the transmission codes because you did not post them and I know dodge's get really weird when the battery starts to fail..I can say that the ignition coil could have been the problem (what do you think brings the spark to the spark plug) also I bet you were way overdue for spark plug replacement and that they recomended replcing them with the coil and you declined to do them..

Have you kept up with any service for your truck? For post 2..If you are going to complain please be more specific on what you are complaining about.. Post 3. Have you ever seen what happens or had to pay for a repair when a timing belt breaks?

Didnt think so, Its got nothing to do with hot rodding, the belt is made of rubber and rubber gets brittle and breaks..

I have seen belts last 140k and seen some break at 76k, no ryme or reason to it..Rubber does stretch but they adjusting tensioners and Having said that you should let the car engineers dictate when belt replacement is due..






Well it must be a company wide policy bc the same thing happened to me in Georgetown TX.First time it cost me $3300.00.

I wasn't gonna fall for it a 2nd time told them only to do warranty work from the first time, how convient all of a sudden it wasn't there fault something else wrong with car. Rude manager and shop manager one of them told me to go to he*l, when I asked for the corporate #.

They screwed up tho bc I am a soccer mom and the worst person to tick off bc I know other soccer moms.I WILL NEVER HAVE A POSITIVE THING TO SAY ABOUT THIS COMPANY FROM THE LOCAL CHAIN TO THE CORPORATE OFFICE!!!!


i had a toyota truck--if your not "hot rodding' or running an average of 90 mph, say in the desert, then dont worry about the timing belt. if you feel the car lurching, even so slightly, it may be the time to replace it (they are rubber and stretch) but if your cars running fine I woulldnt do anything until about 160,000 on a toyota.


My car is 2002 Toyota Avalon, milageis 90,000 miles now.Based on Toyota Co.

is is time to replace the timming belt. Big Two has also told me the rear breaks need replacement. I find Big Two's pricing is expensive. However I have never used SUN DEVIL AUTO before.

Are they trust worthy.

reliable and perfor quality repair job?NEED HELP TO DECIDE or any alternative suggestion?

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